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How Technology is Advancing Addiction Recovery Treatment

According to a recent report, one in every eight American adults suffers from a drug and alcohol disorder simultaneously. In reality, addiction is a severe problem in the US. In the United States, the number of operational drug treatment centres is reported or be fifteen thousand. The healthcare is done by a variety of healthcare professionals. The treatment options vary from inpatient to outpatient and even residential treatment. Many people now have access to technology and the internet and this has given hope to those battling with addiction. Technology is now a key aspect of life and people are even trying to use it in healthcare. Technology alone, however, cannot be relied on to take care of patients as it is still something of the future. For maximum efficiency, technology needs to be combined with in-person treatment. There is more that is being done in relation to this method of treatment. Addiction recovery treatment has benefited hugely from technology and you can read more about it on this site.

We still have questions about how effective technology can be and why it may be favoured even though the benefits it has presented to our lives are evident. Patients are now able to use prevent methods when they feel like, where they feel like and as regularly as they please and it is all down to technology.

Both cognitive behavioural therapy and therapeutic education system have shown great promise in addiction recovery treatment. CBT4CBT, a new variation of cognitive behavioural therapy was recently introduced as a self guided online program that helps patients understand substance abuse better. There was a nineteen percent increase in the chances of patients staying away from cocaine if the program findings are anything to go by.

Therapeutic education system depends more on technology that cognitive behavioural therapy does. To add on this, therapeutic education system combines technology with a positive reinforcement that is prize based. After using therapeutic education system with additional therapy a good number of users were able to abstain maintain it. Apart from this, therapeutic education system has modules that aid in the prevention of cases of HIV, hepatitis and other STDs. Neuro feedback therapy is one of the other areas where the idea of positive reinforcement is being applied. It is a method that reached patients to crave rewards that act as substitutes for alcohol and drugs.

The patient is connected to electrodes which enable a doctor to read their brainwaves. The patients get a more positive reinforcement from the doctor every time they show a positive response.